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Wine paring for your dinner party or special occasions

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Videographer and editor by Dominque Johnson, Director by Christine Johnson and writer and producer Chef Brenda Johnson

Chef Pro Meals 4 Athletes LLC provides wine paring for all special occasions
Videographer and Editor Dominque Johnson, Director Christine Johnson and Writer and Producer Chef Brenda Johnson

About Us

​Chef Brenda Johnson is the owner of Chef Pro Meals 4 Athletes. Chef Brenda  is the  mother to four children and resides in McKinney Texas,  her specialty is in  providing meal planning and chef services for professional athletes, busy families and those busy on the go. chef Brenda since 2009  is the owner of several Food Service companies in the dfw area  in providing catering, Meal planning and small dinner parties, catering  and all special occasions.  Chef Brenda  have worked in the restaurant  industry in several restaurants and Corporate dinning, since 2009. as a personal chef for athletes and those that want to eat a healthy balance nutrition. most  recently  attain  a certification  in Diet and Nutrition  aswell as Human Micro Nutrition.  Chef Brenda has partnered with the  American Heart association, as a chef ambassador and UTA in Arlington Texas as a Healthy cooking Liason and Culinary partner for Love Kids Inc and a Corp partner and team Chef for the WNBA Dallas Wings Basketball Team in Arlington Texas and More to come

More Than Just Food

Looking for a Personal Chef to cook regular and healthy meals for you and your family? Imagine having a personal chef such as Chef Brenda come to your home on a regular basis. At each visit she will cook a number of meals to your requirements. Whether this is just for you or for your family as well. At Chef Pro Meals 4 Athletes provides personal chef services to a range of clients. Whether you are a professional sportsperson looking for an athlete’s diet plan. Or are you running a business but want to eat healthily with all meal planning and cooking done for you? We work with professional footballers, entrepreneurs, business owners and health conscious families.

Understanding Athletes Nutritional Needs

Chef Brenda an Sports Footballer & Basketballer personal chef knows that eating the right food is critical to performance. It is also about knowing the right time and the right nutritional balance. as a performance chef will work closely with the athlete's to understand their weekly schedule. The menu is prepared specifically for pre and post game meals to ensure the nutritional content is correct. Finally it is as important for a high performing athlete, as their physical training programe. Our solid, healthy, nutritional athlete’s diet plan will not only support the athletes training. It aids in improving performance. Eating clean and correctly helps the body to absorb the fatigue of training. It also facilitates recovery after exercise and is often the missing ingredient for success. The right healthy and nutritional diet for athletes will help attain and maintain peak performance. Although the achievable goal of the diet is the same, the road to it differs from one athlete to another. To help us discover the best diet that suits you, our personal chef works with your team’s coach or your nutritionist. They usually have a good understanding of your personal diet needs and we convert these into food.